Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 294

A flower once said to me,
"Friend! Say, why are you here?
I replied, most surprised,
"Eh? I did not know flowers could speak!"
   "Ah...well they can" the flower bobbed it's head, "Anyways...why are you here?"
"Hmm," I hummed. "To tell you the truth, fair one....I was just passing through. I was going on a walk to the sea."
   "Ah...well...that's neat! What's a sea? Or a walk?" The flower wondered."I've never seen one"
"A sea is rather like a raindrop, just a really big one."
    "A raindrop? Achoo! humans are a silly bunch.." Here she seemed to go off into her own thoughts and didn't reply for awhile. But soon enough she said. "Go on. Go on,"
"Well," I continued. "Like a raindrop. A grown-up raindrop. This peticular raindrop I am going to is one of the biggest raindrops ever. We humans call it the sea."
     "An interesting tale, I must-Achoo- say! I didn't know raindrops grew up! Now tell me what a-achOO!..a ah..sorry. Tell me what a walk is."
"A walk is a journey from place to place. I am mobile as a result." I walked up and down in front of the flower as an example.
      "Hmm..very interesting...very interesting," she said bobbing her head, quite solemnly. Suddenly she had anouther sneezing fit.
"Bless you!" I said grinning.
 "You give me allergies!" she burst out.
"Haha!"I burst out, quite disarmed by the small flower's frankness. "Who would have thunk it? That I would give a flower allergies..."
   "Aye, tis strange."
  And after that we talked about many things like toads, blocks of gravel, books, jello and current events in the field were she grew. Soon me and the flower became fast friends and we got along like wires and Duracell batteries.

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  1. did i ever tell you that i love this story?:) it makes me Smile!