Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 317


The crosswalk to a different land,
Lies where I lie down my old self,
Then the path,
Leads off into the clear mist,
You can see for miles,
Even though you are in the valley,
Hurt seems to gather into tumbleweeds,
That weigh more then the world.
You might dodge a few,
But then another crashes in.

This is the best place I've ever been,
Walking with my Father.
His great love overcoming this overcoming pain.
And turning my greatest tragedy into my greatest triumph!
He is making a brilliant crown, 
Out of these trials, that will survive,
And bring glory to,
The One who is Life, abundantly.

It is then, when all I can do is groan,
Deep within me.
The pain seems to have won.
For I am broken is so many places,
I can not move.
It is then, when all is still,
I discover He was holding me the whole time.
Then He kisses my forehead,
And His whisper sings softly over me.
"Ah, my little one...I remember you.."