Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 329

Yonder Bridge O' Stone
The day was odd.
For it was late in the fall, and the rain was warm.
A slow, low breeze burdened with the musty smells of leaves and dirt.
Danced lazily, dodging rain drops.
Hen'ry stood in the middle of the stream,
Stacking stones deliberately.
"SplishSplash!" the water giggled,
As she snuggled down, over the pebbles,
And thru' the meadow.

Ok see ya!: M urmuring....


  1. I LOVE THIS. Seriously. The picture, the words. Everything. Awesome.

  2. pretty-ness! the pebbles must be so content cause they have the water to snuggle with forever and ever:)

  3. Ah, thank-i you for your kind comments !