Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 339

The Inside of Orange
Tentatively he stepped forward.
Unsure of what came next.
He had found what looked to be a bright doorway.....The light was too bright to see where the it led.
It all felt...somehow...cliché.
It's odd how a feeling like that can sneak up on a person. But, then...
His foot met the door with a thunk.
Well, this was a tricky door.
The door was still shut it seemed. So this was a bright shiny door, not doorway.
So the boy reached for the doorknob and pulled open the door.
     Slowly at first.
He peeped through the crack.
Small sounds tickled his ears, ears that had not been working for quite some time.
He stayed there for awhile, just listening.
   A small melody, he heard! It was one he had heard before! He knew it!....Some strangers he had met, had sang it. Or rather it had just drifted like a cloud, around them. It seemed to go wherever it wanted to. And it sang.

It sang this song.
This song sang of a King. 
One that was above and apart from anything. 
Above and over,
The One who had lived forever.

This song sang of a genetic curse.
Growing, growing worse.
Promising everything,
But giving less and less.

This song mourned of a grief.
 Brought by that thief.
That brought death,
And turned breath,
Into dirt.

This song sang of a people.
Given inherent worth,
Because of Who made them.
Willfully turning back,
Into dirt.

This song sang of a Savior.
Burdened with grief and trouble.
Reforming life,
From all this rubble.

This song sang of Love.
A love so great,
Loving even those,


This song sang of  Life.
Of a twist in the tragic story,
That turned death on it's head,
And brought forth glory,
For Him.

  A torrent of emotions rose up, lashing his mind, like a willow whip. He tore at his hands. His eyes were different now. They saw a horrid disease that affected everything. It hemorrhaged darkness that turned his will to evil. He just want to be alone. He hated the song. He hated everyone! ALONE! The dirt on his hands screamed. ALONE! It would lock the door from the inside too.

It was hell.

  He had run away, pretending to be outraged and offended, but really he feared the Man the song sang of. Guilt followed at his feet like a cold slug. Those horridly bright people, who's eyes burned like forest fires. Something terribly black inside him hated them or what ever it was. They were as bright as this door. They made his eyes smart most wretchedly.

  He then spent his days trying to forget them. And too dull that pain. But they would not be forgotten. Living on in his dreams, faded as they were. His ears and eyes still remembered, remembering the color of the song.

So then.

He had found a door. At first, he stayed away.
  But his ears kept hearing snatches of life. Echoes of life, bouncing of the canyon walls.
    His eyes kept seeing flashes of good in the fog of grey.
      And soon he crept nearer.
And nearer.
    A odd thing happened. The light began to dissolve the darkness. Slowly. He dreamed often of a boy, who giggled and twirled, danced ,calling out in a wordless song. The song flashed like a sword.
  He woke up, swimming in his tears, when he dreamed of the boy.
He dreamed of a lion, who breathed out stars. He wasn't safe but he was very good.
   He woke up with a wild hope, bounding around his head, when he dreamed of the lion.

So then.

A crack of light.
He moved the door open more.
The melody changed. It grew wings and started winging its way over to him. He blinked. How did he know this? The question struck him. He froze, vibrating from the shock. This felt new, but yet was old. It tugged at him.

A feeling swelled in his head, and ran giggling down his spine. It hopped off at his vocal chords, and henceforth spilled out his lips.

A whisper. "Father?"

The enlarging melody, gushed open, splashing the inside of orange all over the sky and burst in a full song. He clapped his hands over his mouth. He just whispered, and yet the song reponeded as if he had yelled.
He fell forward, shoving the door open. He tripped and fell flat on his face, as he saw Him.

A hand touched him. He looked up into the ecstatic face of Him who knows no end. 
"Do not be afraid, my love. 
     For you are my son!"

Ok see ya!:R un to Him!! 
         For He is life, forever!


  1. Beautiful, poignant... and lots of other fitting descriptions that I can't remember right now.

  2. This story is

    I Love it.
    In all the sincerity I have.

  3. tis inspiring and i love the song<3