Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 353

Map of Somewhere-eles

The minutes and seconds,


Each moment glinting of good and broken glass.

For my heart cries its tears in real time,
Tracing a map of somewhere-eles I haven't been.
Showing the way back home,

Could you actually see the pain,
Wrought by illogical desires....
Oh, the sadness, only shows, that joy is possible.
This emptiness echos of being filled.

That when I have accomplished my dreams,
I am only left with a longing, an echo.
Spun with ,of all things, my bad days glued together with my good ones.
Good, working in ways higher and better,
Redeems the bad, and the enemy becomes an unwilling channel of grace.

Oh, how can I tell of my revelation,
For only the Greatest could became the lowest,
To preserve His justice and yet, to have mercy on
Me, a rebel, who choose to desire something else than,
The Most Valuable.
Ascend and behold Him!
Be satisfied in Him, oh my soul.
Lift your eyes to see your Desire,
And live.

Ok see you!:D esire Him!


  1. Did you write this Dave???? Cos it is rather wonderful..!

  2. yes to the truth that God uses all the good & all the bad for HIS purposes....HE wins!!!
    And what seemed a terrible tragic end on the cross was a gorgeous beginning of life beyond anything we could dream of....truly God sized...

  3. your writing skills are similar to the David of old..

  4. I really like this post. Especially this line: "the enemy becomes an unwilling channel of grace." Incredibly profound.

    1. That line came from a Max Lucado email.