Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 343

Where the lost socks go...
Where doth the yonder fair socks meander off to?
    Oh! This problem really does bother our fictional characterful person.
       His name is Lu.
         But, let us follow the path, dusty and a scattering of dust bunnies!
Let us stroll over to the briny sea, to search with a comb, fine-tooth type.
   Lu heard perhaps such a thing would be useful.
      Now with a dollar and a pence of jauntiness and other jumbled happy thoughts,
          Sing with Lu, the intrepid seek and finder.
"Dented bowers floated in the greatest blue,
Wonder with me how such things exist-o as we,


Ok see ya!:A h! What a short ode to developed said fictional's wolly character!

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