Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 354

Stand Up Please
  "Stand up, please!"
  The command echoed through the long, sun light room. The man stood with the rest of the statesmen, nervously chewing his rubber gum. He shuffled his powdered wig. Itchy. It was really...really... itchy. His nose itched too. Too much powder.
  The guards at the door stamped their feet and turned to open the grand doors. They stood aside as the king swished through the doors.
  Itchy nose. Grrr. The human held his finger to his nose to stifle the coming sneeze. He squeezed his eyes shut, bracing for the impact.
  The sneeze rose like a hurricane in his throat.
  "No. Don'tSneezeDon'tSneeze!" He thought desperately. The sneeze grinned a misty grin and poked at his nose hairs. Testing for weak points. Hmmm.... AHA! Found one! The gum, like a runner at the starting gun, sat poised on the tip of the humans tongue.
  "AACHOOoo-!" The wet blast swirled around gum, lifting it up and out of the mouth of the human.
  "I'm FREEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeee!" Squealed the gum, rejoicing in its new-found freedom. "I'm FREEEEEEEEEE-!!!"  The squeal ended in a muffled yelp, as it was smothered in the king's freshly powdered wig.
  "Yay!" The rubber gum celebrated quietly above the ear of the king. A new home!
  "Boy, I am so lucky!" it thought.
  "I am the happiest chewy rubber gum alive!"

Ok see ya!:T he rubber gum who was most comfortably seated in a wig..

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